Flora Cash Share New Single ‘Don’t You Look At Me That Way’

Swedish/American duo Flora Cash are back with a stunning new single titled Don’t You Look At Me That Way, out now via Flower Money Records. 

I am loving the melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere of this song that is packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting the listener to their storytelling. Written from the point of view of someone experiencing a psycho-spiritual crisis, the single is filled with nostalgia and reflection, describing the individual’s fears, insecurities and the need to be seen by her partner as she is, not as he wants her to be. Finding comfort only in her memories with the person she loves most in the world, her soul yearns to rekindle the unbreakable and non-judgmental bond that transcends all fear, pain and doubt.

This message is beautifully carried through Shpresa Lleshaj's emotive and expressive vocals which glide beautifully over soft acoustic guitar plucks that are accompanied by dreamy injections of piano, cool electronic elements and lingering backing vocals. The whole production enhances the raw emotion of Shpresa Lleshaj's vocals and create quite a warm and melancholic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking of the new single, Flora Cash commented,

’Don’t Look At Me That Way’ is written from the point of view of someone experiencing a psycho-spiritual crisis; a dark night of the soul. The only comfort she finds is in the memories she shares with the person sitting across from her; the person she loves most of all in the world. And she’s asking this person to really look at her; not a projection of what that person wants her to be, but the real Her. She doesn’t want to be saved, only seen.