Filiah Drops New Single ‘27’

Austrian singer and songwriter Filiah has just shared her brand new single 27, a warm, melancholy-infused piece of indie-folk music. 

I am loving her raw, emotive vocal delivery which instantly draws the listener's attention to her relatabe storytelling. The way her gorgeous vocals flow gently over intricate acoustic guitar riffs is quite magical and effortlessly creates a warm and intimate atmosphere that I find quite captivating. 

27 is a song about processing the anxiety and fear that come with falling in love deeply and sharing your most intimate and personal depths with someone. This relatable message is wrapped around a stunning Folk/Acoustic production with raw, honest storytelling, emotive vocals and touches of melancholia that make it perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!



In Filiah's own words,

The song is actually called "27" because of my apartment number (a lot of people used to think I'm 27 but I'm only 22). I wanted to compare truly letting someone in and opening up to the possibility of new love to inviting someone in your home, your most personal space. Initially I wrote it trying to explain my fear about that to someone but ended up getting to know myself and the reasons why I wasn't ready to do that yet, more. It was recorded as a one-take with just my voice and guitar, since I wanted to capture that certain intimacy I feel with the audience when I'm playing it live. Everything else production-wise then happened very naturally later on, it was as if all the pieces just fit together over this one-take recording. It's also a follow- up on the story of my last single Goodbye.

27 is the second single of an upcoming concept album- a raw and honest exploration of love, grief, nostalgia and all feelings in between. All the songs on her upcoming album are lyrically intertwined, telling the songwriter's honest and very personal story of pain, distorted perception, finding strength and choosing herself again after the ending of a very toxic past relationship with someone.