doppelfinger Shares New Single ‘Knowingly’

Vienna based singer and songwriter doppelfinger has just shared his brand new single Knowingly, a warm, intimate piece of indie-folk music.

I am really enjoying his soothing vocals which soar beautifully over the polished folk production, effortlessly drawing the listener's attention to his storytelling. Knowingly is a relatable song about not fitting in and being trapped in a place you don’t belong – be it struggling with your parents at home or having to linger in an unloved job … actually knowing all that, but not wanting to know, at all. It sounds like he wrote this song to me as I do feel trapped but I can't seem to get out. doppelfinger’s friend OSKA joins in, giving the song an even more bittersweet touch with her fragile voice.

This honest, relatable storytelling is wrapped around an infectious, playful instrumentation with intricate guitar riffs, cool harmonica and subtle percussion. Quite a warm and intimate piece of music perfect for an introspective day at home. Check it out below!