Daniel Joy Shares New Single ‘How To Talk To Girls’

Danish singer and songwriter Daniel Joy has just shared his brand new single How To Talk To Girls, an upbeat electro-pop song out now via Apex One. 

I am really enjoying his smooth, dulcet vocals and how they instantly make the song memorable, effortlessly drawing the listener's attention to his storytelling. How to Talk to Girls is a tribute to shy guys, about those awkward moments in bars when you don't know what to say or how to act. As a shy and awkward man myself I can relate to this song and I think that Daniel beautifully captured those feelings via this infectious pop song. I am particularly fond of the catchy beat and how it is nicely intertwined with steady percussion, cool guitar riffs and lovely synths which create an overall playful, feel-good atmosphere that sounds perfect for a fun, relaxing summer weekend! Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Daniel Joy said,
How to Talk to Girls is a tribute to the shy guy. I recall the awkward moments in bars, you know, the moments where one of your friends invites some girls over, and you suddenly turn into this silent and uncomfortable shell. It’s just as much about impressing your friends, as it is actually talking to girls. No one wants to be known as the shy and awkward friend sitting in the corner. I can think of a dozen times where a book for dummies, or a tutorial video would have been in handy. Still don’t know what’s going on - so here’s a song about it!