Dane Myers Shares New Single ‘Fresh Air’

American artist Dane Myers has just shared his brand new single Fresh Air, a super smooth piece of music out now via Wholehearted Productions. 

I am really enjoying the tone of his vocals and how expressive and confident his vocal delivery is, effortlessly connecting the listener to his storytelling. Fresh Air is a relatable song about processing the things said during a big fight with a partner that lead them to leave. You kinda relive those moments and start accepting what happened, yet there's still that slight touch of resentment post argument. 

I am loving the guitar riffs in the intro and how they instantly infuse the song with a warm touch that is paired with cool electronic beats on which Dane Myers' gorgeous vocals flow effortlessly over. Fresh Air is a cool blend of pop and hip-hop elements with an overall laid-back atmosphere perfect for a chill, summer weekend! Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dane Myers said, It's just like the song says,
I wrote this the day after me and someone else had a massive fight and she left. I was processing it as I was writing it. For me, it's acceptance and a flicker of resentment.