Cy Shares New Single ‘Don’t Sleep With My Ex’

Rising alt-pop star Cy, the DIY solo project by Swedish songwriter Amanda Cygnaeu, has just shared her brand new single Don’t Sleep With My Ex, a dazzling alt-pop song about a messy breakup story involving her ex-girlfriend and best friend. 

I am a fan of the tone of Cy's vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of her honest storytelling. Don't Sleep With My Ex is a song about being on the wrong side of forbidden love, addressing all of the conflicting feelings that show up when you find out that your ex and best friend suddenly became a couple behind your back. That sense of betrayal by a close friend is beautifully captured in this song and is wrapped around a memorable production that blends sweet R&B melodies with rock elements. I am particularly fond of the outburst of distorted guitars and a rough punk-influenced guitar solo that just makes the song stand out even move. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Cy said, 
I was a ticking bomb when I came to the studio that day and all of my anger and confusion just exploded into this song. It’s not about me hating on someone’s relationship, but rather about feeling betrayed by a close friend. Whenever I’m wondering if I’m exaggerating and being petty about two people finding love, I go back and listen to this song. It makes me remember that some things you might not be able to forgive, and that’s okay.