Annie Elise Shares New Single ‘We Can Pretend’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and instrumentalist Annie Elise has just shared her brand new single We Can Pretend, a warm piece of electro-pop music.

I am really enjoying her lovely smooth vocals and how they are nicely backed by a colourful electronic production inspired by her synesthesia. We Can Pretend is a relatable song about a false awakening and wishing the real world could be just as nice as those that we dream about. I am quite a day dreamer and this song is perfect for me. We Can Pretend is wrapped around a memorable production with bright, shimmering synths, rich, sparkling textures and an infectious beat that create the perfect atmosphere for her airy and effortless vocals to soar. Quite a great song perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Annie Elise said,

"We Can Pretend" is a song about the space between dreams and reality. We initially wrote it to be about a false awakening, you know, when you wake up in your dream but you're still asleep - but the song turned into so much more than that. It's interesting to explore the concept of wishing you could get away from reality, especially during the past year. I think it's something we all wish for at some point in time, and although we know it's something we know we can never get, it is nice to pretend for a little bit. I think there's great comfort in that.