Alta Falls Share New Single ‘Into You’

Brisbane duo Alta Falls have just shared their brand new single Into You, the second single from their upcoming debut EP. 

I am really enjoying the 80s synthpop vibes that are nicely paired with a memorable percussion. The vocals soar beautifully over the warm production and effortlessly convey the emotion of their storytelling. Into You is a relatable song about the feelings of excitement and anticipation when starting a new relationship. This message is wrapped around a polished production with a memorable driving beat, great drums and ominous synths that give the song that cool retro touch. If you're into bright synths, cool guitar plucks, steady percussion and an overall warm atmosphere, then you'll love Into You. Check it out below!



On Into You, Alta Falls said,
The song is about the coming together of two unlikely misfits. It’s describing the other-worldly feeling at the start of a relationship where your entire universe closes in and becomes only about that one person. There's a feeling of anticipation, excitement, and hope, but also a certain level of fear — maybe they don't feel the same way?