Alex Aiono Shares New Single ‘Played Out’

Pacific Islander (Maori Samoan) singer and songwriter Alex Aiono has just shared his brand new single Played Out, a captivating pop song about all the hardships he's had to overcome in order to get to where he is now.

I am really enjoying his glassy vocals which are packed with emotion and flow effortlessly over the infectious pop production. For this song Alex teamed up with fellow singer and songwriter Jake Miller whose lovely vocals fit beautifully with Alex's tone and both are packed with heart and emotion. The production is quite captivating and has an anthemic atmosphere that makes it perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Alex Aiono said,
I think at our core as humans we consistently lose the forest for the trees when we are in the thicker situations of life. It's not until you’re out of the woods or have overcome what it was you were going through that you get to see it all for what it truly is. Whether it’s love (as I refer to in the song), a career, a long term goal, or any budding and flourishing situation, sometimes you have to stop and appreciate how everything 'played out.'