Wax Owls Share New Single ‘Sacrifice’

Los Angeles indie-folk trio Wax Owls have just shared their brand new single Sacrifice, a warm, honest piece of indie-folk music. 

Written by vocalist Gerry Hirschfeld, Sacrifice is a song about struggling with social anxiety and how the pandemic made it even harder to make personal connections. The instrumental of this song was originally written for the movie 'What She Said', aiming to reflect the moment the main character finds her voice and tells her story. I am a fan of this instrumental which slowly builds up with energy and emotion. 

I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic and electric guitar riffs that are beautifully intertwined with emotive piano chords, steady percussion cool,, subtle horns and marching drums. The song has somewhat of a powerful and cinematic atmosphere that keeps me coming back to it over and over again. I am also loving Gerry's vocals which effortlessly convey and enhance the emotion of his storytelling. Check it out below!


Vocalist Gerry Hirschfeld says on the track, 

I originally wrote this song as an instrumental for the movie What She Said to fit the scene where the main character finds her voice. The whole song acts as a build, slowly adding new instruments in each section to reflect increasing confidence as the main character tells her story. When it came time to find a melody, I found that singing in falsetto preserved the delicate feel that the instrumental evoked. Lyrically, Sacrifice deals with the challenges I felt in making personal connections during the pandemic. I already struggle with social anxiety under normal circumstances. With the added stress of the pandemic, the song discusses how even the most trivial activities like going to the grocery store can trigger anxiety. The harmonies build through the song to give the effect of people coming together and yearning for meaningful connections.