VC Pines Shares New Single ‘Compared To Someone Else’

VC Pines - the moniker of British singer, songwriter, producer and musician Jack Mercer - has just shared his brand new single Compared To Someone Else, the latest single to be taken from his new EP, Concrete, out now via Theory Records. 

Written with Dan D’Lion, and produced by Jonathan Quarmby, Compared To Someone Else's shimmering and soulful direction sees VC Pines in a more heartfelt guise, looking back on past relationships and revisiting the pain of them ending. I am a fan of his vocal delivery and how it instantly draws the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. The song has an overall warm atmosphere that I find perfect for a laid-back day at home with my thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the single, VC Pines said, Lyrically,
‘Compared To Someone Else’ is romantic, nostalgic and fearful. It’s about looking back over times of lost love and having a fear of losing it all and in the end, being compared against something potentially more fulfilling. The song also has an understanding of the general day to day of being in a relationship, which for me feels like it’s reaching boiling point. Something has to happen. The main melody has always reminded me of a time I waited for hours in a hotel in Tokyo that had this 30 second jazz melody on a loop literally all day long. It drove me mad. But I wanted to replicate that monotony in an emotional, nostalgic way.