TREZR Share New Single ‘Sober’

Following the success of their debut single Cold, Dallas-based pop collective TREZR, consisting of Collin (guitar), Trey (lead vocalist) and Will (bass), have just shared their brand new single Sober, an infectious pop song. 
I am really enjoying Trey's distinctive, rich vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of their relatable storytelling. Sober is a song about the breaking point of a relationship where one is still holding on but the other sees that it is time to end it. This storytelling is wrapped around a captivating production packed with intricate guitar riffs intertwined with cool electronics, catchy beat and energetic percussion that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking more on the release of Sober, TREZR’s lead vocalist Trey explained:
The writing process for Sober was fairly easy. At the time I was in a long-term relationship that slowly started to devolve into distance and dissonance. We both had our share of fights and problems, but we were still in love, until one day when it was just one of us hanging onto the relationship and the other thought it might just be the time to end it. This song is about that turning point where you start asking,” What went wrong? What drove us to this metaphorical cliff in our relationship, and is there anything that could be done to fix things and go back to how we were?