Telemarkk Share New Single Bloom’

British indie-electro duo Telemarkk have just shared their brand new single Bloom, the first single to be taken from their upcoming debut EP set to arrive later this year.

If you're intro retro-tinged, synth-heavy electronic music then you will love Bloom which combines 80s-inspired retro synth design with groovy bass lines and psychedelic elements to immerse the listener into an absorbing sonic experience. This is one of those songs perfect to get one in a good mood and its infectious melodies instantly gave me the urge to get up and dance.  

Bloom is a song about staying positive while in a negative situation, something particularly felt throughout the pandemic when dealing with isolation and falling out of touch with people. I am really enjoying the song's upbeat production, gorgeous synths and groovy bass. Bloom is an euphoric piece of electronic music perfect for those carefree and fun summer days. Check it out below!