SOMA Drops New Single ‘In the Night’

Swedish singer and songwriter SOMA has just shared her brand new single In The Night, an upbeat electro-pop song taken from her upcoming EP, Make Me Human, set to arrive on August 27th! 

I am really enjoying her lovely vocals and how they flow beautifully over the upbeat production. In The Night is a song that celebrates our human bodies and how much fun we can have with them. SOMA's passionate vocals enhance the emotion of her storytelling and the song has a warm vibe that I find quite captivating. I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar riffs and the song's overall feel-good atmosphere that makes it perfect to be played on a fun weekend with a special someone. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, SOMA said,

This is a song I’ve had with me for the past 3 years. It has seen many phases, several different productional styles and finally found its form on the cusp of the pandemic that we’ve all come to know so well. In March 2020, I made the decision to put the release on hold. At a time when the world was, and still is, struggling to cope with deep shock, friends and family members losing their jobs, and some their health and lives, a song that so brutally celebrated the body felt like a sin.


Today, the same song that started out as a catchy tune with no remarkable depth, is nothing short of a tribute to our magnificent human bodies. Big or small, confined or free to move, in pain or in bliss, our human bodies are the containers and the pure expressions of life-stories. From our nearly unbearable intergenerational trauma to our secret one-night-stands.