Post Night Pictures Shares Debut Single ‘Get Down’

Post Night Pictures, the alias of Liverpool-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, sognwriter and visual artist Daniel Coughlin, has just shared his nostalgia-inducing debut single Get Down, out now via Nifty Records. 

Get Down is a cool song about love, loss, regret and friendship. It highlights those moments when you don't want things to go any further and is wrapped around a warm pop production that I find quite captivating. I am particularly fond of the cool guitars melodies (by Mason Owens), cool electronic elements and subtle piano touches that create the perfect background for his lovely vocals to soar. Quite a memorable listening experience perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Post Night Pictures said,

I’d say this track is mainly about a lack of commitment. It perfectly captures the moment of not wanting things to go any further or get serious with someone,” explains Danny. A lot of people I think have been in situations like this where they want to take that next step with someone but they're afraid of the outcome. This track is about taking a step back, playing it safe and not risking it.