ORKID Shares New Single ‘Shy Boys’

ORKID, the moniker of Swedish singer and songwriter Matilda Melin, has just shared her brand new single Shy Boys, out now via ART:ERY Music Group.

I am a fan of her luscious, soulful vocals and how they instantly draw the listener's attention to her storytelling. Shy Boys is a song about reversing the stereotypical roles of having women pursuing the bad boys, showing that there are many that do like the sweet and shy ones. This message is wrapped around a warm production with a trap-infused beat and an overall laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing summer day outside. Check it out below! 


Speaking about the song, ORKID said,

“Shy Boys” turns the norms around. Usually it’s the girl who’s stereotypically seen as the shy one. This song is about reversing those roles whilst showing some love for all the shy boys out there. In the media women are often seen pursuing “bad boys”, trying to change them, but there are a lot of us out here who like the sweet and shy ones. We just want to have a good time and be treated with respect, instead of trying to find validation from men who treat us badly.