MIRIEL Shares New Single ‘You Never Loved Me’

Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer MIRIEL has just shared her brand new single You Never Loved Me, the last single to be taken from her self-produced album, A Love Story, out now. 

This is a song about the end of a relationship on which she reflects about it and realises that her boyfriend of five years never truly loved her. I think most of us can relate to this song, especially the sadness and realisation that the person you loved didn't feel the same way. I am loving MIRIEL's smooth, ethereal-like vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the captivating production. I am absolutely in love with the classical piano chords and how we can feel the emotion pouring from her vocal delivery. You Never Loved Me beautifully blends classical, electronic and pop elements into a memorable listening experience packed with tons of emotion and an overall dreamy, somewhat melancholic, atmosphere. Check it out below!