Max RM Shares New Single ‘Thinking & Talking’

London-based singer and songwriter Max RM has just shared his brand new single Thinking & Talking, a warm piece of indie-folk music. 
I am really enjoying his smooth vocals which sing about a ruminating inner monologue - it is about being discontent and struggling to find one’s path in life. Max RM's warm tone is backed by Liz Dearsley's smooth vocals and I love how the production has an intimate atmosphere that allows for the listener to truly connect with his storytelling. Thinking & Talking is a dreamy, indie-folk song with gorgeous harmonies, intricate acoustic guitar riffs, smooth vocals and an overall laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Max RM said,

I was feeling frustrated with myself and the world when I wrote this song; expressing these feelings in song form felt like a step towards finding some resolution.