Mark Pelli & Cedrice Share New Single ‘Don’t Go’

Canadian singer and songwriter Mark Pelli has teamed up with Americcan singer and songwriter Cedrice to deliver a gorgeous new single titled Don't Go, a neo-soul/contemporary r&b cut about heartbreak. 

I am really enjoying the guitar plucks in the intro and how they instantly infuse the song with a warm touch that allows for their gorgeous vocals to soar. Mark and Cedrice's vocals fit beautifully together and are packed with so much heart and emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to their relatable stortelling. On Don't Go they address the pain of heartbreak and question if it was worth falling in love as the pain of love lost is unbearable. “It’s better to have loved than never at all” is the first line of this song and it’s a spin-off of the famous quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson - “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. I do agree with this famous quote and even if the pain of a heartbreak may feel too big to endure, I would still prefer to be one of the lucky ones to have experienced love than to always question why nobody has ever loved me back. 

This message is wrapped around a memorable soul-infused, contemporary r&b production with intricate guitar melodies, steady beat and an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. Check it out below!