Leire Shares New Single ‘In Ten Years Time’

London-based, Spanish singer and songwriter Leire has just unveiled her brand new single In Ten Years Time, the latest single to be taken from her debut EP, Me, You, This World, out now! 
In Ten Years Time is a song about how someone has neglected and poorly treated their lover, but can also be interpreted as the way humans have neglected and treated the Earth poorly. This message is wrapped a warm and captivating piano-based production that creates the perfect background for Leire's powerful and emotive vocals to soar. I am particularly fond of the way Leire beautifully conveys the emotion of her storytelling, instantly capturing the listener's attention. In Ten Years Time is an intimate and emotive pop, piano-based ballad with a breathtaking vocal performance! Check it out below! a captivating song that talks about freedom.