Kiss Kanoo Shares New Single ‘Outta Time’

London-based singer and songwriter Kiss Kanoo has just shared her brand new single Outta Time, a glittering electro-pop song.

I am particularly fond of the infectious driving beat and how it is packed with tons of rhythm making it perfect to dance to. Kiss Kanoo's confident vocal delivery soars over the polished electronic production and effortlessly connect the listener to her relatable storytelling. Outta Time is a song about giving someone a chance but they end up taking advantage of you so you decide to cut them off your life. The song is a captivating electro-pop song and my favourite part has to be the chorus and infectious driving beat.

Accompanying the release, Kiss Kanoo shared its official music video, directed by Nicolas Celano, which gives me some retro synth-pop vibes while beautifully embodying the song's attitude and atmosphere. Check it out below!