Jessica Morale Shares New Single ‘deadbeat generation’

South Florida Alt-Pop singer and songwriter Jessica Morale has just shared her brand new single deadbeat generation, an upbeat electro-pop/rock song with an anthemic atmosphere. 

I am really enjoying her haunting vocal delivery that matches the captivating blend of dark synths with cinematic percussion which makes the song quite a memorable listening experience. Jessica's confident vocal delivery and raspy tone sing about how young people feel the need to numb themselves with substance in order to feel alive. This meaningful message is wrapped around an atmospheric production that creates a chaotic dream-like vibe for her vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking on the song, Morale notes:

There's so much pressure from society and from everyone else to have our lives figured out, when all we truly want is to feel something. I wrote 'deadbeat generation' for my fellow rejects. The twenty-somethings who are dead broke, feel like they don't fit in anywhere and are lost in their own reckless abandon. It's about being young and feeling the need to numb yourself with substances, whether it's sex or drugs in order to feel alive. It works for a while, until reality and the pressure of responsibility come crashing down on you, so you do it all over again and circle the drain. It's a somewhat smug and defiant anthem for reckless youth, and a subtle reminder that no matter how messed up and incomplete we sometimes feel, we're all a work in progress and perfectly flawed.