Izzy Frances Shares New Single ‘Safety’

British singer and songwriter Izzy Frances has just shared her brand new single Safety, a lovely alt-pop ballad.

This is the demo version of her 2019 single and it enhances the emotion of her storytelling by adding a more stripped-back, mature layer to the glowing record, allowing her crystal clear vocals to take centre stage. I am really enjoying how Izzy’s ethereal voice soar beautifully alongside moving piano melodies and subtle synths as she delivers lyrics which are deeply heartfelt. Check it out below!


Speaking of her new single, Izzy revealed, 

I wrote ‘Safety’ over two days with Drew Lawrence and Shani Rose in Drew's home studio in LA. This recording was also done over those 2 days with two vocal takes and I wanted to release it as I think it really captures the raw emotion behind the song. ‘Safety’ is about being brave and being bold and embracing who you really are. Too often we hide the darkest parts of ourselves and stop ourselves from truly connecting and living. ‘Safety’ is about releasing your truth and learning to love and live fully and vibrantly.