Hunter Falls Unveils New Single ‘Fame’

Hunter Falls is on a roll! Following the release of his piano-driven heartbreak song All I Never Wanted and his anthemic single Ain't No Love, the Belgium-based singer and songwriter has just shared his brand new single Fame
I adore his distinctive, emotive vocals which easily command the listener's attention to his storytelling. Fame is a song about struggling to choose between the things you love the most, in his case was to spend more time in the studio which weighed down on his relationship with his loved ones. When you have to choose between two things you really want, there's always some pain and you end up wondering if you made the right decision. 
This message is wrapped around a gorgeous pop production with gorgeous guitar riffs, emotive piano chords and cool percussion that create a warm atmosphere that enhances the emotion pouring from his vocals. I am also very fond of the infectious hook that got me singing along to the song right after the very first listen. As always, Hunter Falls delivers a gorgeous song packed with tons of emotion, beautifully showcasing his vocals and storytelling abilities. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Hunter Falls said,
The song is about having to make a devastating decision between the things you love the most. In this instance, I had to stay in the studio for months on end to work, which weighed down on my relationship with my loved ones. My whole life I had been chasing for a life of fame, but love certainly had made things complicated...