Gustaf Shares Debut Single ‘lose u.’

Danish self-taught singer and songwriter Gustaf has just shared his official debut single lose u., a captivating pop song about being scared of losing someone. 

I am really enjoying Gustaf's smooth vocals and how they beautifully convey the emotion of his storytelling. lose u. is a song about having a fight with the one you love and saying something you shouldn't, instantly regretting saying it and making the other person want to think things through. The song depicts the feelings of regret and fear of losing that special someone because of something you said in the heat of the moment. It's not always clear skies and smooth sailing in a relationship! 

This relatable story is wrapped around a polished pop production packed with intricate guitar riffs, steady percussion and a memorable driving beat that creates infectious melodies and an overall warm atmosphere. I am particularly fond of the burst of energy and emotion in the bridge that adds an extra rich layer to this already catchy pop song! Quite an impressive debut single which you can check out below!


Speaking about the song, Gustaf said,

lose u. originates from a fight I had with my girlfriend. In the heat of the moment I said something that I instantly regretted. In the time after the fight, she needed to think things through, it wasn't really that dramatic looking back, but my feelings of losing her back then were nonetheless true for me. And as a coping mechanism I kinda told myself that what I said back then had some truth to it. The song is progressing throughout - telling a story. It goes back and fourth from: "man it's so tough being in this relationships", "maybe it's better if we never met" to "shit, am I gonna lose u? Is this to late?".