Geneviève Racette Unveils New Single ‘Maybe’

Canadian singer-songwriter Geneviève Racette has just unveiled her brand new single Maybe, the first single off her forthcoming album, Satellite set to arrive in 2022. 

I am a fan of her lovely vocals and how they effortlessly draw the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling. Produced by François-Pierre Lue, Maybe is a song about wanting to be someone’s sure bet, but only feeling like a ‘maybe’. It’s being so blinded by infatuation, that you can’t see that you’re being taken for granted. This relatable message is wrapped around a polished indie-pop production with intricate guitar lines throughout the song and an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Geneviève Racette said,
I wrote this song in my friend’s kitchen with two of my favourite songwriters. We were all hanging out in Toronto, and we turned our afternoon girl talk into a song.