Elle Baez Shares New Single ‘Come Back’

Latina Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Elle Baez has just shared her brand new single Come Back, a heartfelt Contemporary R&B-infused pop song.

I am loving her dynamic vocal delivery that goes from sounding quite warm and soothing to powerful and packed with tons of soul and emotion. Come Back is a relatable song about missing your best friend and wanting them to return to your life. This is quite a personal song for Elle as she wrote it when she thought she had lost her best friend and the thought of not having that person in her life was unbearable. 

We can clearly feel how honest and emotive her storytelling is which is enhanced by her gorgeous vocal delivery and warm production packed with cool guitar riffs beautifully intertwined with lovely piano chords and subtle percussion. Accompanying the release, Elle has shared its official music video, directed by Gabriella Concepcion, which you can check out below!


Speaking about the song, Elle Baez said,

losing a best friend is a topic you don’t often hear a lot about in mainstream pop music. A best friend can be anyone in your life; a partner, a lover, a parent, a sibling. I wrote this song when I thought I had lost my best friend and I couldn’t bear the thought of it. We had already been through so much together and I knew our friendship was too important to let anything get in the way. We had just traveled Europe together. It was written from my heart and was a huge piece of what brought our friendship back together.