Coopertheband Share New Single ‘Once’

Tennessee-based 6-piece band Coopertheband have just shared their brand new single Once, the latest single to be taken from their upcoming EP. 

I am really enjoying the emotive vocals soaring over the warm instrumentation, beautifully conveying the emotion of their storytelling. Once is a song about heartache and weariness but still having the ones near you seeing the good and joy within you. When you go through a rough patch that makes you feel exhausted and void of joy, it's the love of your friends and family that keep you warm and help bring out hte joy and goodness again. 

This relatable storytelling is wrapped around a memorable produciton with strumming guitars beautifully intertwined with cool percussion that builds up with energy in the bridge with punchier drums, soaring guitars and backing vocals. Quite a memorable listening experience which you can check out below! 


Speaking about the song, the band said,

"Once" was written on a lake-side back porch in West Tennessee. In the original voice memo, you can hear crickets chirping and the sound of the lake's ebb and flow. We (meaning all the members of Coopertheband, on the rare occasion that we're in the same place) were haphazardly strumming guitars and talking about how we'd been feeling lately - how our personal perceptions had been irreversibly altered by comparison, how we would never be as good as people think we are, and how it feels so phony to say "thank you" to compliments that we don't even think are true. Then, because the only thing we know how to do with difficult feelings is to turn them into songs, we started to write "Once." We wanted to create a narrative of heartache and weariness - of a person who had been through so much and yet their loved ones still looked at them and saw light and joy and goodness. We spend our whole lives trying to think up the best version of ourselves when those we love see it every time they look at us.