Charlotte Rosse Shares Acoustic Performance Of ‘Raise A Toast’

London-based singer and songwriter Charlotte Rosse has just shared a powerful acoustic performance of her latest single Raise A Toast. Injecting equal amounts of glamour and high-drama into pop music, the live performance showcases Charlotte’s incredible, operatically trained, vocals. 
Charlotte Rosse has quite the powerhouse vocals that instantly won me over and made me want to blog about this peformance. Raise A Toast is an anthem for loneliness, something that many people that live alone tend to experience and start to feel comfortable being on their own. This message is wrapped around a stunning live performance on which Charlotte effortlessly showcases her powerful and passionate vocal delivery over a warm pop power-ballad with classical music influences. I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords and lush strings that beautifully back her vocals. Check it out below!


Speaking about this performance, Charlotte Rosse said,
The acoustic version of Raise A Toast captures the vintage sound I was imagining when writing it. This arrangement gave me much more creative and vocal freedom to express my classical influences, so I decided to extend the song with an outro of vocalise which, combined with Rachmaninov's intro melody, created a great new frame for the song. 
I led a very lonely life when I first moved to London. I was working full-time as a receptionist while studying songwriting at university and I found myself starting to get heartless. I could only count on myself, and I was becoming calculating, including with my heart. I thought I’d always be alone and that I wouldn’t want to commit to a relationship. I think the video shows my personality. The lyrics of the song are dark, but the video is a good contrast, as you can see my joyful side.