Charlie Collins Shares New Single ‘Fuck It’

Australian singer and songwriter Charlie Collins has just shared her brand new single Fuck It, a blistering guitar-heavy song about when a difficult breakup becomes public debate.

Produced by Scott Horscroft with Joji Malani (Gang Of Youths), Fuck It was written when Charlie Collins was reckoning with the end of a relationship, and those in her orbit were more focused on throwing their opinion into the ring or partaking in hurtful gossip - instead of offering support or understanding. 

I am really enjoying her visceral, magnetic songwriting and how it effortlessly connects the listener to what she was going through. I am particularly fond of the tone of her lovely vocals and how they are backed by fuzzy, reverb-drenched guitars, punchy percussion and infectious pop hook. A song with tons of energy that is accompanied by a striking music video, directed by Madeleine Purdy, which beautifully embodies the song's message and atmosphere. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Charlie said, 
At the time, when I was going through this separation, I needed a friend more than a critic. This song is an acknowledgment of blame but also recognizing that you don’t need that judgement.