BÉE Shares New Single ‘Gemini’

Dutch singer and songwriter BÉE, (pronounced Bae) has just shared her brand new single Gemini, a smooth piece of R&B/Pop music produced by Jake Gosling and released via Goldun Egg Records. 

I am a fan of BÉE’s smoky, soulful vocals and how they demand attention from the outset, soaring perfectly over a richly produced soundscape of soft sensual beats and delicious pop hooks. Gemini is a cool song about understanding those personality traits that are written in the stars and is wrapped around a warm and memorable Pop-infused R&B production that creates an overall laid-back and feel-good atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!!



Speaking about the new single BÉE said,

I’m a true Gemini. Gemini’s change their minds regularly, are not good at making decisions and, in many ways, aren’t the best at committing themselves. I know that I can be a bit ambivalent myself when it comes to relationships. I can fall in and out of love just like that. That sentiment is reflected in the lyrics: ‘When I try to make up my mind I never tend to succeed. Always in an inner fight, are you the one that I like? Can I just blame it on the fact that I'm, I'm a Gemini’ So for anyone associated to a Gemini, do you recognise the struggles that I sing about?