Aunt Patsy Shares Debut Single ‘Magna Carta’

Los Angeles based indie-pop artist Aunt Patsy makes her official music introduction with the release of her debut single Magna Carta, a lovely alternative/indie-r&b cut.

I am really enjoying how effortless her vocal delivery is, flowing beautifully over the polished production. Magna Carta is a song about realising that you're better off alone that with someone that would create quite a troubled and toxic relationship. Choosing yourself is a sign of self-love and I also like how the song shows how we should recognise our own vices, acknowledging the role we play in our own demise, and choosing to leave old comforts and grow in a new unknown. 

This message is wrapped around a captivating production with intricate guitar melodies that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere that allows for Aunt Patsy's expressive vocals to soar. I am also enjoying some jazzy and soul hints in this song that make it even more captivating. Definitely a cool song perfect for a laid-back day at home. This song is accompanied by a music video which was shot in black and white at El Matador Beach. It features Aunt Patsy finding her way across the rocks and waves of the Malibu coastline, sparking feelings of wonder and self-discovery. In her sparkly dress, flowy beach cover-up, and occasional direct-to-cam smirk, she invites us to join her in the beachy exploration while reveling in the delights of observing her solo adventure. Check it out below!