ANOTHER NGUYEN Shares New Single ‘My Friend’

ANOTHER NGUYEN, the alias of Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer Ngoc Anh Nguyen, has just shared her brand new single My Friend, a warm electro-pop song out now via recordJet.

I am really enjoying her smooth vocals and how they effortlessly draw the listener's attention to her powerful message. My Friend was written after a friend opened up to her about being physically and emotionally abused by her long-term boyfriend, and it shares a message of hope and comfort that they are not alone and things will get better. Unfortunately domestic violence is still quite present in the world and the road to heal and move on isn't that clear. 

I like how ANOTHER NGUYEN shares this comforting and positive message which is wrapped around an infectious electronic production with cool percussion, bright electronics and a memorable driving beat. I am also very fond of the way the song builds up with energy and emotion, matching the lyrical content's emotion. 

Accompanying the release, ANOTHER NGUYEN has shared its official music video, directed by Jonas Bentrup, which perfectly embodies the song's message and atmosphere. Check it out below!