Anja Kotar Shares ‘Movie’ Music Video

San José singer-songwriter Anja Kotar has just shared the official music video for her latest single Movie.

I am a fan of her lovely vocals and how they beautifully connect the listener to her storytelling. MOvie is a song about feeling that your life is like a movie and is wrapped around an infectious electro-pop production with playful melodies and an overall feel-good, laid-back atmosphere.

Speaking more on the release of Movie, Anja explained:

The concept of life feeling like a movie is something that has been on my mind a lot over the last year; from seeing empty shelves in grocery stores to the idea that it now seems outrageous to take the bus and sit side by side with dozens of strangers without a mask. These are all scenes we used to only see in movies and seemed completely impossible for us to experience in real life. I wanted to write a song that would capture this idea, but also do so in a more lighthearted way, looking at it from the lens of living inside of a movie.

Accompanying the release, Anja Kotar has shared its official, colourful music video which was shot on her iPhone with her brother, mom, and dad in their backyard. Check it out below!