Alex Bloom Shares New Single ‘LA NY’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Alex Bloom has just shared his brand new single LA NY, an emotional slice of nostalgic indie-pop, out now via Mr. Saturn.

Inspired by his move back to Los Angeles after living and finding love in New York, LA NY shares his experience to convince his girlfriend to move back to LA with him, fearing that a long distance relationship could break them apart. This relatable storytelling is wrapped around a warm production packed with a simple but brilliant piano melody beautifully accompanied by subtle yet impactful percussion. I am also very fond of the way Alex Bloom's rich vocals soar effortlessly over the catchy melodies.

The accompanying video, directed by Sean Hollihan, is a hazy lo-fi work of art that captures the essence of the song beautifully. From the romantic feel in the air and all the glimmering hope to the loneliness and fear, it's a powerful addition to the brilliant track. Check it out below!


On the song, Bloom shares,

'LA NY' is the real life story of the end of my brief stint living in NYC. This song embodies the experience I had when trying to convince my girlfriend to move back home to LA with me, and the realization that distance could break us apart if she didn’t end up moving. In the second verse, I’m on the plane back to LA, and it’s still up in the air whether or not she was going to move back. I didn’t know for weeks if she was going to end up moving back, and I wanted the song to sound like the feeling I had in my stomach at all times during that period of beautiful hope, dread, butterflies, anxiety all mashed together.