Shalisa Taylor Shares New Single ‘My Own’

Swedish singer and songwriter Shalisa Taylor has just shared her brand new single My Own, a beautifully-written piece of music that depicts the confusion and loneliness after losing the one you loved.

I am a fan of Shalisa Taylor's warm, soothing vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of her storytelling. Her mellow vocals flow beautifully over Fabian Santacruz's polished production that creates the perfect soundscape for her storytelling to soar.

Out now via Rexius Records, My Own takes the listener to the places and moments where her love happened and is nicely wrapped around warm melodies and hauntingly beautiful harmonies that enhance those emotions. This is quite a lovely song with a relatable message perfect for an introspective day at home. If you're into soothing, yet emotional vocals with haunting harmonies soaring over a warm and intimate production, then you'll love My Own. Check it out below!