NIGHTMÅNE Share New Single ‘FOOL’

NIGHTMÅNE, an American-Norwegian music duo consisting of Anthony Starble and Sigurd Heimdal, have just shared their brand new single FOOL.

Following their hit singles Misfits and Fall Apart, FOOL shows a more vulnerable and emotive side to the band and I am actually very fond of it. As always, Anthony Starble's luscious, distinctive vocals give the song that memorable touch, flowing beautifully over the warm production. FOOL is a song that explores the emotional trials of being in a relationship with someone so distant that they seem to look right through you, and the painful realisation that you’ve been made a fool for letting them treat you that way.

FOOL stands out from their first 2 releases with more acoustic textures starting with a somber piano line and including elements like electric guitars and marching snare drums. NIGHTMÅNE mixes these elements with their signature pulsing synths and big chorus vocals to create a genre fusion of melancholic catharsis. I am loving this vulnerable and emotive side and I think you'll love it too. Check it out below!