Natasha Ghosh & Cybeat Share New Single ‘More Love’

Dutch singer and songwriter Natasha Ghosh has teamed upp with Japan-based artist Terrence Pledger, aka Cybeat, to deliver a warm piece of R&B-infused Pop music titled More Love.

I am really enjoying the tone of Natasha Ghosh's vocals and how they beautifully convey the emotion of her relatable storytelling. More Love is a song about somebody who admits flaws in the relationship due to lack of communication but is keen on fixing them. This message is wrapped around a warm production packed with a punchy beat, lovely piano melodies and countless emotional harmonies. The whole atmosphere of the song makes it perfect for a laid-back day at home alone with your thoughts. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Natasha said,

In that way, More Love is a bittersweet track. There is something wrong, but there is hope to fix it. The lines of the catchy chorus can be used by for example influencers on TikTok, but the whole song can be enjoyed thoroughly!

Speaking about working with Cybeat, Natasha said,

Terrence Pledger, aka Cybeat, is an artist that I'm going to work more with. We share the same love for Pop, R&B, and Soul music and I feel like we still have a lot to discover together. We're keen on releasing a lot of new music into the work from this year onwards.