Max & Harvey Share New Single ‘In My DNA’

X Factor Celebrity finalists and social media sensations Max and Harvey are back with their heartfelt new single In My DNA, out now via Frtyfve Records.

The follow up to their high-energy, feel-good anthem Worry A Little Less, In My DNA shows a softer and more personal side to the duo and I am really enjoying it. In My DNA is a touching and powerful tribute to their grandfather, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’ and is wrapped around a warm pop production with catchy melodies backing their lovely vocals and harmonies which enhance the emotion and intimacy of their storytelling. I am also very fond of how catchy the chorus is, making it perfect to sing along to. Quite a lovely pop song with a beautiful message which you can check out below!


Speaking about the song, Max & Harvey said,

This song means more to us than anything we’ve ever put out into the world. We wanted to tell our Granpop’s story and talk about his life and it took us a long time to work out the perfect way to do that. Whilst writing the song we also had in the back of our minds, the sad fact that our Grandma had been diagnosed with cancer. Sadly she recently passed away, but we were able to play her this song before we lost her, and when she heard it she started to cry. The fact that she knew right away exactly what the song was about meant a lot to us, and we’re so sad she couldn’t be around to see the world hear it. With the current global situation, we wanted to let everyone else hurting from loss or not being able to be with their grandparents know that they’re not alone.