Matt Eroteme Shares Debut Single ‘Five Hours Behind’

Scottish indie rock singer and songwriter Matt Eroteme has just shared his debut single, Five Hours Behind, telling the story of being apart from parents during the pandemic.

Out now via Thrive Records and written during the pandemic, Five Hours Behind is a captivating piece of indie rock music that tells the story of a father and son separated by distance and time zones which brings huge strains on a close paternal relationship. This personal song is wrapped around a polished production with soaring guitars and steady percussion that create the perfect atmosphere for his vocals and storytelling to soar. I am particularly fond of the guitars and how Matt beautifully captures the emotinos of being apart from his parents. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Matt Eroteme said,

It’s been a tough year for everybody but one escape I always had was locking myself away with my guitar for hours and spilling out any kind of emotion in music.

It’s been my own therapy whilst dealing with depression in recent years and probably more so in the past 12 months where the world’s chaos has brought anxiety levels through the roof.

I began writing more often shortly after our first lockdown, and so many songs were just coming to me. Five Hours Behind just about landed on my lap when I began putting it together but the emotion of it all had been brewing for months if I’m honest.

My own dad had actually immigrated abroad shortly before the first lockdown last year.

 I probably was already gutted about that but it was in the knowledge that he’d be back in a few months, and I could always go there to visit or whatever. But as the months went on, and Covid halted everything else in life, it became clear I was struggling to cope being apart from my dad and feeling us become more distant. “Through speaking with other people I understood how painful it was not being able to meet loved ones in person and give them a hug - the pandemic had made what I was writing about a more universal truth, and a stark reality of the times we are living.