Lola Lennox Shares New Single ‘Wherever You Go’

British singer, songwriter and musician, Lola Lennox has just shared her brand new single Wherever You Go, an upbeat pop song that reminds listener that despite the challenges of feeling isolated, we can all feel connected if we use a little imagination. ​

Written by Lola Lennox alongside Andy Stochansky and Hailey Collier - and produced by Braeden Wright and co-produced by Annie Lennox - Wherever You Go beautifully showcases Lola's powerful vocals and songwriting skills. This song is inspired by Lola’s own experience of moving far from home and embarking on a life elsewhere while managing long distance relationships with those she loves and is wrapped around an infectious pop production with catchy melodies and a memorable hook. I am really enjoying the chorus and how it infuses the song with an euphoric touch while also making it perfect to sing along to. Lola is definitely her mother's daughter and this song shows that talent runs deep in this family. 

Speaking about the song, Lola Lennox said,

I am used to the feeling of having my heart in two places. It’s a transient emotion that stretches across cities and oceans. I wrote “Wherever You Go” about missing people. I moved to LA a few years ago, leaving behind friends, family and memories. Whilst navigating a new life in America, I clung to the people I left behind; losing them was a hard part of growing up and pursuing my dreams in music. Despite the song reflecting the challenges of longing, I wanted the music to feel positive and express the excitement that comes with having people in your life to love. Managing long-distance relationships is a lesson in letting go and being receptive to whatever outcome life hands you; that openness is the place the music came from. Over time I’ve seen how the message of ‘Wherever You Go’ has evolved whilst the world has changed so much. In 2020, we all had to adapt to a life far apart from those we love.

The accompanying music video is directed by Emmy-nominated and award winning South African director Natalie Johns (Sam Smith, Annie Lennox, Theophilus London) and choreographed by Sadie Wilking. Juxtaposing the wide, open scenery of Point Mugu and Mulholland Drive and the LA city by night, it follows Lola and her friends as they embark on a road trip through the day and into the night, to dance amidst a concrete jungle of sprawling traffic and city lights, and watch the sunrise from the ocean’s edge, where dawn breaks against the blue and grey hues of waves and sky. Check it out below!


Speaking about the video, Lola Lennox said, 

I wanted the music video for ‘Wherever You Go’ to express a sense of freedom, of letting go of control and following your intuition, and to convey a sense of hearts stretching across oceans and sky.