leo. Shares New Single ‘heartbreak’

UK-based, Portuguese singer and songwriter leo. has just shared his brand new single hearbreak, an emotional pop song.

I am really enjoying his passionate, emotive vocal delivery which instantly connects the listener to his relatable storytelling. Heartbreak is a raw piano ballad about a relationship with an expiration date, and how it feels to have to deal with that. I like the way leo.'s vocals make me feel each and every single word he's singing and the polished, warm production beautifully enhances the power of his vocal delivery.

heartbreak's production has an epic, cinematic touch that I find incredibly captivating and timeless, something I think you will enjoy. The piano-driven song is intertwined with cinematic strings and subtle plucked notes which create the perfect soundscape for his lovely vocals to soar. The natural ebb and flow of the instrumental intensity matches the feelings of his storytelling with the harmonised backing vocals adding a depth to the overall sound. hearbreak is an enthralling listening experience with tons of emotion and a timeless and cinematic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. Check it out below!