Hanna Mel Shares New Single ‘Shy or Something’

23-year old singer, songwriter and producer Hanna Melander has just shared her brand new single Shy or Something, a dark and emotive song about the feelings of not knowing whether someone likes you back or not.

 I am really enjoying her warm, smooth vocals and how they flow beautifully over the polished electronic production packed with cool guitar plucks, punchy percussion and a killer bass. I am also very fond of her dreamy harmonies that enhance the emotion of her storytelling while infusing the song with somewhat of a mysterious vibe. Shy or Something is a very relatable song that describes the feeling on has when not knowing whethere someone likes them back or not and is wrapped around a memorable dark-pop production with lush vocals and an overall warm atmosphere which I think you will enjoy. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Hanna Mel said,
You know the feeling when that *spark* might just be something you dreamt up in your head? Shy or Something is about two introverts having a crush on one another. Each too shy to admit it, and the frustration that it brings. I am a very introverted person myself, who easily gets quiet around large groups of new people. With this song, I wanted to play with the difference between being introverted or shy. Even though people might perceive them as the same thing – they feel totally different from within.