GRY, Nevve & Thomas Gold Share New Single ‘Now Or Never’

Time to dance! Taipei-based producer GRY has teamed up with acclaimed vocal collective Nevve and fellow dance music producer Thomas Gold to deliver an anthemic new single called Now Or Never, out now via KSHMR’s Dharma imprint on Spinnin.

I am really enjoying the energy of this song and how Nevve's vocals soar effortlessly over the upbeat future house production while infusing it with a touch of emotion. Now Or Never is a captivating song about going on a spontaneous adventure and that feeling is beautifully embodied by the polished electronic production that builds up irresistible melodic verses before releasing into an utterly electrifying hook. This is one of those songs that will get you in a good mood in no time and ready to get up and dance. Check it out below!