Evan Blum & Lucy Clearwater Share New Single ‘Good In You’

Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter Evan Blum teams up with San Francisco singer and songwriter Lucy Clearwater for the heart-warming duet Good In You, out now via Trailing Twelve Records. This is such a warm piece of indie-folk music that won me over from the start. I am really enjoying how their vocals fit beautifully together and effortlessly convey the emotion of their heart-warming storytelling. 

Good In You takes the form of a conversation between two people choosing to accept each others gifts and flaws equally. This message is wrapped around a polished indie-folk production with intricate acoustic guitar riffs beautifully intertwined with steady percussion and delicate piano chords that create a hopeful and intimate atmosphere that enhances the emotion pouring from their vocals. If you're into beautifully-written indie-folk ballads with gorgeous vocals and infectious melodies, then you'll love Good In You. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Lucy Clearwater said,

Evan and I wrote this song sitting on a little patch of grass near Beverly Hills - laughing and relating on the nuances of relationships. We realized there's always going to be little things about your partner that could be a point of conflict, but if you like them enough, there's always a way to see the best or the "good" in that person. The whole thing felt so natural and the song came together so quickly. I really think the mood of us sitting on the grass in the sun, seeped into the recording and that's part of what makes it so sweet and light.