darzo Shares New Single ‘Metamorphosis’

Virginia-based singer and songwriter darzo (Adar Seligman-McComas) has just shared her brand new single Metamorphosis, the latest single to be taken from her forthcoming debut album, Single Cell, set to arrive on April 30th.

I was straight away drawn to Adar Seligman-McComas' luscious, distinctive vocals and how they sound quite commanding and packed with so much heart and soul, instantly making the song a memorable and enthralling listening experience. Featuring primarily just her vocals layered is cascading ripples that swell into a hypnotic groove, the song indicates a sea change in the outfit’s sonic tapestry that moves from its neo-soul roots, to a broader indie-electronic realm. Such a captivating piece of indietronica music with rich vocals, warm production and an overall dreamy, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!