Casey Sana Share New Single ‘Maliblu’

American singer and songwriter Casey Sana share their brand new single Maliblu, a smooth song about being unhappy but not showing it to the world. 

This is quite a relatable song as most of us have had to put on a smile to mask the sadness within and I think that with social media we all feel a pressure to show that we are living our best life even when we're hurting inside. A lot of people pretend to have it all, that they are living an amazing life but deep down they are unhappy and I think Casey perfectly captures those feelings in this song. 

I am really enjoying Casey Sana's smooth vocals soaring effortlessly over the warm production packed with lush guitar riffs beautifully intertwined with steady percussion and a memorable eletric guitar solo. The whole atmosphere of the production is quite warm with just the right amount of melancholia to keep me coming back to it. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Casey Sana said,

Maliblu is a place you go to when everyone is telling you that you've got it all; your Instagram shows you 'living your best life', but inside yourself you're still unhappy.