Astroboy Shares New Single ‘Wasted Love’

American artist Astroboy has just shared his brand new single Wasted Love, a cool piece of Cloud Hop/Emo Hip-Hop music.

I am really enjoying his smoth vocal delivery and how it flows beautifully over the warm production. Wasted Love is a relatable song about mistrust in relationships and how many prefer to stay in a relationship just because they fear being alone. This message is wrapped around a polished production with cool guitar plucks, a trap-infused beat  and infectious melodies that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Astroboy said,

This song is about mistrust in relationships and how even tho our heart is broken we still put ourselves in situations with people to avoid the fear of being alone, and as a result of the toxic behavior we suffer emotionally and mentally.