Alex Runo Shares New Single ‘A Change Will Come’

Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Alex Runo has just shared his brand new single A Change Will Come, out now via Riptide Music Group.
I am really enjoying his soulful, passionate vocal delivery and how it instantly connects the listener to his relatable storytellin. A Change Will Come is a song about hope, that things will get better and is wrapped around a captivating production that beautifully blends elements of soul, blues, gospel and rock music. I am particularly fond of the groovy guitars and how much emotion pours from his vocal delivery. Quite a lovely song which you can check out below!


Speaking about the song, Alex said, 
“A Change Will Come” is a song about hope. The hope for change that we all feel right now. But it’s also about not just sitting back and expecting things to happen. We have to work for it. In a world divided, where the loudest voices sometimes are evil, we need to stand together to fight for what’s right. I was brought up with the (in my opinion) greatest singers, songwriters and musicians in the world. Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding are a few of the artists from whom I draw my inspiration. Peace!”