Sarah O’Moore Shares Debut Single ‘Here to Stay’

Irish singer and songwriter Sarah O’Moore makes her musical introduction with the release of her debut single Here To Stay, a soulful piece of pop music.

What instantly stands out in this song is her timeless, sultry, powerhouse voice that soars effortlessly over the warm, laid-back production. Those luscious vocals are definitely the star of the song and easily convey the emotion of her relatable storytelling. Here To Stay is an introspective song about one's internal struggles and overthinking, asking the listeners to look at their own lives and question what's holding them back from reaching their full potential. I am a sucker for introspective songs as I am somewhat of an overthinker and Sarah's vocals are such a pleasure to listen to, which I think you'll love as well. This message is wrapped around a warm production that finds Sarah O’Moore exploring her Soul influences over a contemporary backdrop of an electronic soundscape.



Speaking about the song, Sarah said it is about,

The internal struggle. How simple it is to succumb to over-thinking. Where we are too proud to ask for help. How this vulnerability eludes us to re-evaluate both the company we keep and challenges our perception of reality.